Dolce & Gabbana Milano Headquarters Visit by Austin Ao-Xiong Wong

After walking into the doors of the Dolce & Gabbana, you are greeted with a pair of ornate chairs. Through the minimal black lobby and up one level, you arrive to the showroom where they showcase the current collection to the buyers. This season, Dolce and Gabbana casted a special selection of models to walk the Spring/Summer collection. The typical models were joined by everyday Sicilians which even included some young children. My favorite pieces of the collection were the printed shirts. They came in a variety of colors and some of the more elaborate designs included scriptures and fine art paintings. Many of the tailored looks were relaxed and roomy due to the heavy pleating.

After viewing the latest collection we took a short trip to the other building which is dubbed as the white building. This part of the Dolce and Gabbana headquarters houses the previous season’s collections of both women’s and men’s. Some interesting pieces from last season included the Dolce & Gabbana bicycle and the heavily hand embroidered dresses. The dresses were completely hand-made in Sicily and are comparable to haute couture. The showrooms are quite immaculate and the white interior compliments the pieces of clothing. There are no distractions and your attention is purely focused on the garments. (fonte: why-youmad)

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