Dolce & Gabbana p/e 2013 womens .... Inspiration

The Dolce & Gabbana Summer 2013 collection is inspired by the most profound “SICILIAN 
TRADITION”, that can be seen on the prints depicting the famous puppets of Sicilian street 
theaters, on the typical local barrows and peculiar wheels, on the Caltagirone head-shaped ceramic vases and dishes. These elements are mixed with stripes that recall the beach umbrellas and sunbeds of local shores, thus creating the wordrobe for a hot summer. The exquisite handcraftmanship of the clothes made of straw, raffia crochet, embroideries of 
coral on straw, culminates with the creation of dresses, skirts and sculture-effect midollino bustiers inspired by the classic Sicilian baskets. 

Shapes and proportions 
Trapeze shapes and “A” shapes. 

Raffia, raffia crochet, printed raffia and raffia embroidered with coral, double satin organza, 
embossed organza and organza net, rough printed cotton, stretch linen and cotton, gold and 
printed brocade. 

Barrow-shaped sculpted sandals, flat and high-heeled midollino sandals. Chandelier earrings in the shape of Sicilian puppets, head-shaped ceramic vases or with the typical 
decorations found on Sicilian barrows. Printed silk foulards to be worn as a knotted head-piece. 

Printed cotton bathing suits. 

Meraviglioso and Nel Blu Dipinto Blu by Domenico Modugno.

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