Riccardo Tisci ospite a Istambul '74

Is Riccardo Tisci one of his kind? Most definitely. Probably because what best characterises the path taken by the new Creative Director at Givenchy is the result of an interaction of phenomena which are atypical. From the very outset his life has been a succession of unusual events and choices. It’s almost as if he was pre-destined to serve women’s beauty.

In 1974 he was born into a family where there were already eight daughters. At the age of 17, the young teenager, originally from Como, nonetheless let go of their apron strings and bravely left his country to begin studying design at Saint Martin’s School in London.

After graduating with honours from the famous English institution, he returned to Italyand worked for almost five years in the shadows of brands such as Antonio Berardi, Coccapani, Puma and Ruffo Research. This varied and enriching experience shaped his apprenticeship in the job and so, on the strength of his experience, he decided to become independent.

In September 2004 he presented his first collection under his own name. Orchestrated like a “happening” rather than a traditional show following the traditions and customs of Milanese ready-to-wear shows, the presentation created, in addition to its surprising appearance, a different kind of fashion feeling – a feeling of new elegance as well as innovative savoir-faire. This choice of operational, well thought out, modern chic, confirmed by the second performance, “Tisci” in February 2005, now seems to be the guideline for his pertinent interpretation of the Givenchy spirit – the French couture house to which the Italian is dedicating himself completely.

Riccardo Tisci presented his first Haute Couture collection for Givenchy on July 7th, 2005.

On February 2008, Givenchy announces the renewed contract of Riccardo Tisci as Artistic Director of Givenchy. In addition to the Women’s Haute Couture, Ready to Wear, and Accessory collections, his role has been expanded to encompass the Men’s Ready to Wear and Accessory Collections. Mr. Tisci’s first Menswear collection was presented in the Spring 2009 season.

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