Fashion is devotion by Dolce & Gabbana

When sitting in my office on a Saturday afternoon post fashion show thinking about devotion I realized, this is devotion!

For everyone involved in the fashion business, fashion is a vocational career. Long hours, sleepless nights, the fast paced tempo, the criticism and plain bitchiness, but why do we put ourselves through it? It’s like some sort of blind faith in aesthetics. But fashion is not just about flagellation and giving up one’s life like a votive offering, as well as the sleepless nights, and the strenuous pace, us, fashion devotees feel a special kind of satisfaction in creating, managing or writing about beauty, society and the culture which revolves around the fashion world.

So when you think about whether it is appropriate for a fashion company to take religious icons and emblazon them onto t-shirts, think that Messers Dolce and Gabbana, with almost 28 years of experience behind them, know a thing of two about devotion. Devotion to attention to detail, to tailoring, to creativity, to pushing the boundaries and to us, who pray at the altar of fashion daily. (fonte: swide)

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